Just because Bex is the most athletic of the bunch, I don't see how that makes her gay? That's the stupidest cliche' She shill loves dressing up and being a 'girl' but she isn't afraid to kick butt.



Can girls that like to dress up not be gay? Can a lesbian only be someone who likes to play sports? Not only that many people in this fandom, me included have a head canon the Bex is not straight. If someone you don’t agree then just ignore it. It’s a head canon. Not canon.

I could see Bex being bisexual maybe. Mostly because that’s not something you can really tell about someone just because they’re “girly” or “tough” or whatever. And the books never raised the issue at all. But people get way too worked up about this stuff, like it’s degrading to the awesome character that is Rebecca Baxter if she happens to like girls.


406. When Bex came out to Cammie Bex was really nervous that it would end their friendship, but all Cammie said was, “Bex I already knew. I mean do you think I don’t see when you check out my roommate? Oh and I am pretty sure she has a major crush on you.”


405. Rachel and Joe’s wedding had an excellent soundtrack—everything from the slow dances to the upbeat songs had people on the dance floor. Also, the wine was incredibly expensive and Bex and Macey may or may not have stolen several sips while the adults weren’t looking. 


the gallagher girls series + name meanings


404. Abby is a really bad dancer. She can waltz fairly well, but that’s about it. Rachel, Matt, Joe, and Edward have all tried to teach her but each attempt has resulted in little success. She always avoids any kind of club or ballroom when she’s on missions.

I thought about how there are two types of secrets: the kind you want to keep in, and the kind you don’t dare to let out.
Ally Carter, Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover



I want to know this too! Any ideas anyone?

Zachary Goode had always liked knives.  The way they felt in his hand, the way the silver shined when he held it just right.  He liked throwing them and sharpening them, but most of all, he just liked using them.  He liked the feeling of the metal slicing into something.  He like watching things curl at the blade’s touch.  

Sometimes his fingers twitched and he got this overwhelming urge to cut into something.  He wanted to leave a mark.  He wanted to make it deep.  Wood was fun for a little while, but it left little shavings everywhere that made him sneeze a lot and were too hard to clean up.  Stone could be entertaining because it would give off a spark, but mostly it was just too hard and ended up ruining the blades.  

He settled for soap.  It was either soap or his own fingertips, but when he cut his fingertips, they got too sore to use his knifes, so soap it was.

On the days that he was assigned inventory, he’d stuff a few bars into his pockets.  They were nothing special—the type of soap that was bought in bulk and delivered in big boxes.  Blackthorne wasn’t good for many things, but one thing they did get right was their soap.  It was dry enough to peel away, but soft enough that it kept it’s shape.

That night, he didn’t know what he was carving.  All he knew was that he wanted to use his knives.  The bathroom was the easiest place to do it.  Right in the showers.  No one bugged him there and when he was done, he could just leave the water running and all the shavings would dissolve away into the drain.

When he was younger he’d been so quick—just stabbing away and leaving sharp scars, but then he’d been told that he shouldn’t do it so quickly.  They were right.  It was far more satisfying to strip layers away, one by one.  It lasted longer that way.  He got more out of it.

When he carved, he felt like he disappeared.  He went into a trance, like when he held the guns or when he did the drills.  He didn’t even have to think about it anymore.  It just happened.  Still, it occupied him enough that his brain seemed to go silent, and in his world, that seemed to be a rarity.

He hadn’t known what he was doing.  He was just feeling the knife—letting it go wherever it wanted.  He hadn’t known that he was carving a soldier.

It wasn’t just any soldier though.  It was his soldier. His G. I. Joe, but smaller. Like one of those little green plastic guys, except dumber and shittier looking. It was like a smaller version of the one he had at home. But, then again, he supposed it wasn’t really his home.  Not anymore.

He didn’t want to think about that.  He didn’t want to think about anything, so he kept carving.  He kept slicing until finally he cut all the way through and saw red bubbling up on his fingertip.  


Maybe it was a fingertip night after all.


I made another one today!
I suppose this would be a nice way to end the summer before school starts again. :) I actually really like this one. Background photo credit goes to Google Images. Hope you guys like it!
Please do not steal, delete the text, or change the source! Thanks, greatly appreciated.


I made another one today!

I suppose this would be a nice way to end the summer before school starts again. :) I actually really like this one. Background photo credit goes to Google Images. Hope you guys like it!

Please do not steal, delete the text, or change the source! Thanks, greatly appreciated.


Follow the pigeons 

I think my Gallagher Girl training helped a bunch at the International Spy Museum! 


Fanfic of Cammie’ college misadventures at Georgetown, all vaguely tied into spying or missions and written like a mission report GO GO SOMEONE DO IT NOW I’M ONLY GOOD AT WRITING THE OLDER GENERATION

  • Cammie finds other friends in college that aren’t as close to her as Bex Macey and Liz but still super awesome
  • Cammie and Zach get into a huge fight and break up, and between then and when they get back together, Cammie has a fling with a guy from one of her math classes
  • Cammie deciding to be a sociology major with a psychology minor after being undeclared for a semester
  • Cammie and friends out late one night, and when some douchebags try to assault them, Cammie knocks them flat in seven seconds and then has to explain it to her friends
  • Bex visiting Cammie in college and trying to flirt with one of her guy friends only to realize that he’s gay
  • Liz visiting Cammie in college and the two of them staying up all night watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Macey visiting Cammie in college in a slight disguise to avoid being recognized, and the two of them do shots and get drunk
  • Rachel and Joe visiting Cammie during parent weekend and Joe doing his best to embarrass her, and completely succeeding
  • Cammie talking to Rachel on the phone for hours every Sunday
  • Cammie getting completely smashed for the first time and calling Abby for a hangover cure instead of Rachel because she knows her mom would kill her
  • Cammie playing intramural ultimate frisbee and kicking ass